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Walking in the Woods in Winter…

Check out George! Who knows how to party hearty as the big dog in his wintery woods!


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Carquinez Bridge Walk

Carquinez Strait Bridge

We began our walk on the western/southern side of the Carquinez Bridge, part of I-80. The pedestrian approach runs alongside the exit at the southern edge of the bridge.

We Do Not Walk Alone
We did not walk alone. Another dog/human pair was finishing up their constitutional as we began. We continued along the curving approach…

On the Bridge Proper
until we reached the bridge proper. The dogs can safely walk below the concrete barrier, limiting the noise they are exposed to. I find it helpful to wear earplugs.

Mid-Bridge View of Mare Island
Off to our left is Mare Island and Vallejo.

The Original Bridge Coming Down
While to our right, we can watch as the original bridge is being disassembled.

There is a Rest Stop At the Vallejo End

Mare Island
There is a Rest Stop at the Vallejo End of the bridge. It’s here where we make a water stop and enjoy the scenery slightly removed from the freeway noise.

San Pablo Bay
San Pablo Bay with Mt. Tamalpais hazy in the distance.

Crockett from Vallejo
And Crockett from across the bridge.

The Nantucket and surroundings
Including The Nantucket restaurant. This waterside restaurant used to allow the dogs to join us at dinner, but no longer.

Katy and Jake Taking a Break
Katy and Jake Enjoy The Break.

Part of the SF Bay Trail
This Trail is part of the San Francisco Bay Trail.

Recommendation: When other trails are washed out from rain, or heat makes walking inland too hard on us, this walk (short of a mile each way) is the perfect way to stretch our legs. There is water available at the Vallejo end, and ample parking at the Crockett end in the parking lot next to The Dead Fish restaurant.

The Dead Fish


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Refugio Valley Walking Trail

Refugio Valley Walking Trail is the walking path for my town. We’ll be checking it out in sections, and this is section #1. We begin at the parking lot.
Start and the Parking Lot
And continue up the road…

by the condos

Just beyond the corner is a nice piece of shade.

The dogs catch up at doggy news post (aka a tree)

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Pt. Isobel Dog Park Walk

Originally posted 5/23/2005 at A Stitch In Time.

Hide your dog’s eyes!! This is a trip to the Pt. Isobel Dog Park on the Richmond/Berkeley border. We start where we end at the hose spigot off Rydin Rd.
PI faucet
We skipped this whole part of the walk. It’s a nice long section with great lawns for dogs to chase balls on. But my goofs have their minds set on swimming today.
And they’re off! I’ll see them in about 10 minutes when I catch up.

There’s Jake waiting for me in the water.
Katy happily heading in with her ball.

After their swim, there is time to make new friends.

Rolling in the grass. I’d call it guilty pleasure, but dogs seldom feel guilty.

At the point of the park, you can picnic along the bay, with San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge behind you. It’s a bit too hazy today to see.

The other side of the inlet. Follow this path to a parking lot and Mud Puppies. A cafe, store and bath site. As you can see, lots of people spend their lunchtime walking their dogs here.

The tennis ball lawns. and the riprap walls.
After the walk, a stop for a drink and a hosing off before heading home. I promised them discretion enough that I did not show them getting their bath. The dogs do have some pride.

Clean, exercised and back in the car. We’re off for home!! PI#12jpg


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Welcome to the Puppydog Trails

 What is so special about walking with a dog?  They get us moving, yet force us to slow down and notice the envirnment.  They make us feel safe, yet are a perfect way to start a conversation.

This is the place to take a virtual dog walk. Enjoy the walks that have been shared. If you enjoy walking a dog, consider grabbing your cameria, writing about it and posting your walk here.

Here’s the details:  Publish your walk on your own blog, or if you plan to  post a number of walks choose a name and get added to this blog.  Post any photos from your walk onto the Flickr, tagged them PuppydogTrails.  Email me with the information.

Your blog will added to the blogroll, and your post will be added to the blog.


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