Carquinez Bridge Walk

Carquinez Strait Bridge

We began our walk on the western/southern side of the Carquinez Bridge, part of I-80. The pedestrian approach runs alongside the exit at the southern edge of the bridge.

We Do Not Walk Alone
We did not walk alone. Another dog/human pair was finishing up their constitutional as we began. We continued along the curving approach…

On the Bridge Proper
until we reached the bridge proper. The dogs can safely walk below the concrete barrier, limiting the noise they are exposed to. I find it helpful to wear earplugs.

Mid-Bridge View of Mare Island
Off to our left is Mare Island and Vallejo.

The Original Bridge Coming Down
While to our right, we can watch as the original bridge is being disassembled.

There is a Rest Stop At the Vallejo End

Mare Island
There is a Rest Stop at the Vallejo End of the bridge. It’s here where we make a water stop and enjoy the scenery slightly removed from the freeway noise.

San Pablo Bay
San Pablo Bay with Mt. Tamalpais hazy in the distance.

Crockett from Vallejo
And Crockett from across the bridge.

The Nantucket and surroundings
Including The Nantucket restaurant. This waterside restaurant used to allow the dogs to join us at dinner, but no longer.

Katy and Jake Taking a Break
Katy and Jake Enjoy The Break.

Part of the SF Bay Trail
This Trail is part of the San Francisco Bay Trail.

Recommendation: When other trails are washed out from rain, or heat makes walking inland too hard on us, this walk (short of a mile each way) is the perfect way to stretch our legs. There is water available at the Vallejo end, and ample parking at the Crockett end in the parking lot next to The Dead Fish restaurant.

The Dead Fish



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3 responses to “Carquinez Bridge Walk

  1. Rudy Van Pelt

    According to this web page:…-a0116662729

    dogs are not allowed on the new bike path on the Carquinez Bridge.

  2. Marcy Chapin

    Are dogs allowed on the path or not? Or is it like a lot of other things, an over looked thing? I would like to that my dog on this walk. MC

  3. Michael Woods

    Thanks for this posting. I saw it on Friday and visited the bridge on Saturday. Too bad about dogs and roller blades, but I saw why that was the the rule: there were a couple of people with dogs on it. On our way to Vallejo, there was no crap in the path. On our way back, there was crap!

    “The new path is open to wheelchair users, bicyclists and pedestrians daily from sunrise to sunset; no rollerblades, skateboards or dogs allowed.”

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